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Gutters if neglected, could end up being an expensive issue. Snow, ice, rain, leaves, and all sorts of debris can pile up and clog your gutters thus causing structural damage, basement flooding and all sorts of problems. Although keeping your gutters clean and properly maintained is essential, it is also important to have them properly installed. If they are not properly installed, you are going to experience many more problems.

Gutter Cleaning & Repairs Montreal, QC

At West Star Roofing, our highly skilled team of gutter cleaning, repair, replacements and installation experts can handle any gutter job imaginable. As professional gutter cleaners, we are not just knowledgeable about gutter cleaning, but also installation and maintenance tasks. Regardless of how often you get on your roof and clean out your gutters, you are never going to be 100% sure that they are thoroughly clean and working correctly. With West Star Roofing, you can be completely sure that your gutters are clean and repaired if need be. In addition, we make sure that there aren’t any breaks, blockages, leaks or gaps within your gutters.

For over 20 years, West Star has served Montreal with professional gutter cleaning and installation services. Depending on the weather and accessibility, we have several methods and tools that we use for gutter cleaning. In addition to the basic interior gutter cleaning, we also clean the gutter face and do small fixes like caulking leaky seams or re-attaching gutters that are separating from the house. We also install screen cones into downspouts that lead to a drainage system.

Gutter Guards Montreal 

With West Star Roofing you will get the best value on gutter installation in Montreal without compromising on workmanship or quality. We also provide gutter guards that are the best leaf protection system for your home. Our installers are experienced and dedicated professionals who have great experience in gutter installation and gutter repairs in Montreal

As one of the top Gutter cleaning services in Montreal, at West Star Roofing, we value the satisfaction of all our clients. We take pride in a neat and clean process and are committed to quality and safety. Rather than risking your safety trying to clean your own gutters, call us today and have the job done right.

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