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Attic Ventilation and Insulation

Ice on the edge of your roof is a sure sign of a poorly functioning ventilation system. Other tell-tale signs include:

Some effects that you don’t see yet


Roof ventilation is often overlooked as most people are simply concerned about their roofs keeping their home safe and dry. However, a well-ventilated roof can make your life easier. Proper roof and attic ventilation can lower the cost of heating and cooling and grant a longer life to the roof shingles.

At West Star Roofing, we understand that proper insulation and air circulation is key to energy efficiency and a well-performing roofing system and attic insulation in Montreal. We are one of the top contractors in roof ventilation and attic insulation in Montreal and surrounding areas. We make sure that the attic has proper air circulation which prevents the cold temperature in the attic from the formation of ice dams.


The experts at West Star roofing can help with the installation of vents for your Montreal home. Our ventilation systems will help ensure an adequate airflow in your attic which will eliminate any damage without compromising the efficiency of your attic insulation. There are many different types of roofs and attic vents such as low profile vents, ridge vents, motorized solar power vents etc. We offer assistance for selecting the right vents and roof vent installation services from our highly-skilled roofing experts.

In Montreal, during the summer months, a well-ventilated attic allows natural air to circulate through the attic moving the hot air and moisture out and thus protecting the roof structure and shingles. With West Star Roofing you can rest assured that all of your ventilation needs will be met. We have the right testing and monitoring equipment along with properly trained technicians to test for heat and humidity content in the attic.

We at West Star Roofing in Montreal provide you with a service with comprehensive insurance coverage and are fully committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our expertly trained team strives to provide the highest quality of work along with professional, courteous and reliable services. All of our work is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective roofing services in Montreal.

West Star Roofing is an expert in roofing inspections, repairs and installation. We have been serving residential and commercial properties for over 20 years in Montreal and the surrounding areas. If your roof is showing any signs of ice dam buildups, premature deterioration, or if your gutters are falling or sagging, call us for a free attic inspection today.

To determine whether your attic ventilation is doing its jobs, our expert roofers will inspect your roof, attic, and walls. We can advise you on the ideal solution to your problems whether it be adding exhaust vents, intake vents, ridge vents or an attic insulation fan in Montreal. In addition to this, we offer you a lifetime warranty on the materials with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an exceptional 15 year labour guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Call us today for your free estimate.

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